RCIA Inquiry


Have you ever thought about looking into the Catholic faith? Adults seeking entrance into the Catholic Church, those just thinking about it, or those non-Catholics wanting to develop a better understanding of the Catholic Church are invited into the process known as the RCIA – the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. This process has several stages and individuals move through those stages according to their needs and spiritual growth and in accordance with the liturgical cycle of the Church.

The RCIA process is a rich and diverse formation process through which individuals can learn and grow in their relationship with God, their knowledge of the Catholic Church, and in fellowship with the Parish community.

All non-Catholics and adult Catholics seeking to complete their Sacraments of Initiation are welcome to join in the process. There is no need to make a long-term commitment to joining the Church. As an inquirer, you may not even be sure what you think about the Catholic Church and that is perfectly alright. Our RCIA team is there to listen to your concerns and to answer your questions about the Church, her beliefs and her practices.

So, if you are not Catholic or not fully Initiated and have questions about the Catholic faith, please consider joining us. If you are just curious about the Catholic Church, join us. If you attend mass on a regular basis with your family and are not Catholic and want to learn more about the faith, join us. If your spouse is Catholic and you have just begun thinking about converting to Catholicism, join us. If you just want to understand who we are and why we do the things we do, join us. If God is calling you to the Catholic Church, join us. If you have question and need answers, join us.

If you are interested in attending inquiry sessions, please contact Shirley Smalley at 480-905-4434 or at ssmalley@saintbernadette.com. No long-term commitments required.