Safe Environment Renewal Training

The Diocese of Phoenix requires all ministers and volunteers to complete a Safe Environment process that includes an application, face-to-face interview, three reference checks and an in-person foundation class. If you are a new volunteer/minister or if you are thinking about volunteering in the near future, please visit Once on the web site, you will fill out an online application, submit your Social Security number and complete an online foundation class. Your background check will be started once you complete the class. Please note the online class is only available as an accommodation to the COVID-19 crisis.

Each year all clergy, staff, ministers, and volunteers are required to take a SET renewal class either online or in person. The Safe Environment year runs Jul 1 - Jun 30.

Renewals must be completed annually and background checks every five years. The 2020 SET Renewal is now available and must be completed no later than Mon, Aug 31.

Visit and access the file you created last year, update any information and click on the online renewal box.

For questions contact the Volunteer office at 480-905-4434.