Ushers Needed

The ministry of ushers is the oldest lay ministry in the Catholic Church. The ushers of today have descended from a long line of people of God who have gone before them. During the time of Christ, the doorkeepers of the temple numbered in the hundreds and were the forerunners of today’s ushers. It is a ministry of service and connections.

Ushers are liturgical ministers. A person’s willingness to serve God in the capacity as an usher reflects their commitment to Christ. They must be mindful that they are there to assist those who are preparing to worship God by creating a quiet and reverent atmosphere within the church. Men and women are welcome to apply to be ushers. Ushers assure the comfort of the assembly in the worship space and perform various functions during the liturgy. One of the most important duties that the usher has is that of hospitality. People’s impression of a parish is significantly shaped by the presence or absence of a welcoming atmosphere where they come to worship. Offering a smile and a word of welcome can have a profound impact on people as they arrive.

Ushers provide assistance in emergencies. A couple of years ago, one of our elderly parishioners suffered a stroke during mass. Even before his family could ask for help, our ushers were there with a wheel chair. The paramedics were called and our ushers remained with the family until the parishioner was transported to the hospital.

Being an usher is an important ministry that supports the faith life of the community, conveys the warmth of the Parish, enhances our liturgical celebrations and responds with compassion to the physical needs of the congregation.

Join this ministry. Due to recent relocation and normal attrition, the usher ministry is now in need a new volunteers for all masses, especially the 10:00am Sunday morning & 5:00pm Sunday evening. Ushers are scheduled on a rotational basis and according to one’s personal schedule. Husbands and wives are encouraged to consider serving together as ushers. Ushers must be at least sixteen years of age.

Please contact Mike Smalley at or 602-799-2256 or leave your name with Diane Flitcroft at 480-905-4429.