Prayer & Worship Ministries

As a parishioner of St. Bernadette, you will find there are many opportunities to learn, to grow, and to celebrate. Whether you are called to serve the hungry and downtrodden, or minister to the sick, or serve on a board or council, or teach young people, or study scripture, or greet others coming to mass, St. Bernadette offers many ways to return our God-given gifts to our Lord who has given us so much.


Adoration (Eucharistic Adoration) Hourly Captains

Volunteers oversee the coverage of their designated hour by coordinating assigned adorers for that time period.

Contact: Donna Homiski 602-738-6429

Friday Night Healing Rosary

Since July 2005, the Friday Night Healing Rosary group meets every Friday night at 6:30 PM in the Adoration Chapel to pray the rosary for those who are seriously ill, dying or recently deceased. The group is committed to meeting each and every Friday. Prayer requests may be written in the Book Of Healing in the Chapel. All are welcomed to join us in prayer.

Contact: Shirley Smalley 480-905-4434

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

Perpetual Adoration is giving your time to the Lord. It lasts as long as your love for Jesus lasts. For such a commitment the graces and blessings that will be bestowed on you and your loved ones will be abundant in this life and beyond measure in the next.

Contact: Donna Homiski 602-738-6429

The Chapel is locked for safety reasons. If you wish to visit and do not have the code, contact the Parish Office during business hours at 480-905-0221.


More Information

For more information on how to get involved with outreach programs for the community, as well as parish-oriented ministries and groups please read the Parish Ministries guide. All parishioners are encouraged to prayerfully discern where their gifts can be best utilized in our community.


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