Andre House Meal Service

3:15pm - 7:30pm Parish Activities

Join us in serving the homeless/working poor and be the hands and feet of Christ. We have 8 volunteer spots saved and we'd love for new and seasoned volunteers to join us. It's good, clean, hard work and a pleasant time for all. 

Contact Margaret Hinski at or 480-215-9322 to save your spot. 

Must be age 14+ (slightly younger a possibility). Work includes all aspects of the meal… prep, serving & cleanup. Wear casual, comfortable dress, sweater/sweatshirt and closed toed shoes are required.

Address: 213 S 11th Ave, Phoenix 85007 at the northeast corner of 11th Ave. and Jackson. The parking lot and entrance are on the Jackson side of the  building. Include the zip code in a map search.

Please note: Andre House has multiple addresses. If you Google it on the internet, you will most likely get the WRONG address. The meal is served at this address. Volunteer hours are available.