Youth Evangelization

The Youth Ministry offering for teens in 6th Grade - 12th Grade for the 2023-24 program year here at St. Bernadette officially begins next month--October 2023.

We previously started developing this opportunity for the Youth, and we will continue this year to build upon this foundation and expand the offering. This includes a comprehensive approach that relies on devotional, social, and service oriented opportunities for the Youth.

At the beginning of each month, teens and their families are invited to participate in Family Formation meetings where the entire family is involved. The Adventus Teen group (for all teens) meets each month as a large group, and, additionally, the Knights of the Altar ministry (for teen boys) and Lisieux Sorority (for teen girls) meet individually each month.

On behalf of the staff and members of the St. Bernadette Catholic Parish, we wish to thank you for choosing our parish for the ongoing formation process for you and your children. As always, we look forward to sharing with you an exciting faith-filled journey towards a deep and personal relationship with Christ and His Church.

Sara Pimentel

Coordinator of Youth Evangelization


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